why can't
how to
how to detect
promotional code
what isn't
how to look after


Always ask for help
Ask for help when you need it
Avoid the job title game
Be Creative And Innovative
Be happy with where you are in life
Be patient and wait for opportunities
Be patient and wait for opportunities to open up in your field or somewhere else that appeals to you
Be punctual
Be ready to work long hours
Be realistic about your strengths and weaknesses
be self-sufficient
Be steadfast when it comes to working with others
Be the person you want to hire
build good habits
Buy yourself a present every year (not just Christmas) if it makes
Create a portfolio
Determine your definition of success
Develop contacts and champion
Develop your skills and distinguish yourself
Do not gossip
Do not judge people
Do not lose hope if you fail the first time-There are always second chances
Do something you love and be proud of what you do
Don’t ask for permission, just learn
Don’t be a workaholic
Don’t be afraid to sell yourself
Don’t be negative
Don’t burn bridges
don’t expect people to like you
Don’t judge others based on their situation
Don’t judge others by their jobs or achievements
Don’t live with regret
don’t spend all day at work / learn to switch off
Don’t take yourself too seriously
Don’t wait for someone to tell you what’s important
Dress smartly
Enjoy the journey
Exercise daily
Expect anything and everything, including your job description, the people you work along and with, your career path etc. to change drastically from one year to the next
Explore the possibility of freelance work
Fail faster, grow stronger
Figure out why you do your job
Find someone who has a career you think is interesting and ask her about her job
Find what motivates you
Find your passion and pursue it
Focus on your work
Focusing on your current work makes you a boring person
Follow the rules
Gain experience
Get experience
Have a clear objective in every task you receive
Have a plan B in case things don’t go as you hoped
If not done, it doesn’t exist
Invest in training and opportunities
Keep an eye out for opportunities in new markets
Keep in contact with old work colleagues
Keep learning
Keep learning about your industry
Keep your cool
Know a good opportunity when you see it
Know how to sell yourself
Know when to quit
know your strengths
Laugh at yourself
Learn about what you like and don’t like
Learn from people who have been where I am now, or better yet, from
Learn from your failures
Learn how to communicate in a professional context.
Learn how to negotiate your salary properly
Learn how to network
Learn to say “no” if necessary
Learn to say no to tasks you don’t have time for
Life Isn’t Fair
Make friends
Make your own routine
Manage stress effectively
Meet people (from different industries)
Mind your manners
Network and get to know your colleagues
Networking is essential
No Career Has A Map
not all jobs will suit you
Not Everyone is Your Friend
Quit your job, start a company or do something else entirely
Read and Learn
Remember that hard work doesn’t guarantee success
Remember that work is a means to an end, not the end itself.
Say yes to everything (at least once)
School Isn’t Real-World
set goals
Set goals for the week and resume them each Monday morning
Show up every day
Show up on time
Spend less time chatting in the office
Stay honest and sincere
Stay humble
stay positive
Take care of your health now, so
Take control of your career
Take on side projects for new skills and knowledge
Take risks
Take things one day at a time
Take time to check your reputation
There Are No Shortcuts To Success
There are two types of people in life: givers and takers
think for yourself
Think outside the box
Time is your most valuable asset
Try new things
Try to change careers
Use Excel more often
Value a good work/life balance
When there is a problem, solve it quickly without creating more problems
Work Hard And Persevere
Work on making yourself indispensable to your boss.
Work out what the core of your strengths are
Work smarter, not harder
Work with people you like
You Are Competent
You don’t need to be a martyr
You don’t need to know where you are
You Have To Do Things You Don’t Want To Do
You should always focus on making the other person understand
you won’t be here forever
Your diploma isn’t your career
Your work does not define you

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Who did that?
What happened?
Where did it take place?
When did it take place?
Why did that happen?
How did it happen?

How far? 
How long? 
How much? 
How many?
How come?
Why not?
Why didn't?