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A little bit goes a
Accept that working will always be part of your life
Achieving work-life balance is a daily effort
Allow yourself downtime
Always have a plan B
Ask yourself if you really want to do something
Ask yourself this question each day before starting your work day
Asking for help is ok
Avoid social comparisons
Balance your work with other aspects of your life.
Be aware that others might like their job more than you do
Be healthy about it
Be honest with yourself and others about how you feel
Be organised
Be patient
Be present when you’re with family
Be proactive not reactive
Break the habit of multitasking
Consider different options
Create a budget
Create space in your life for the things that matter most to you
Define your ideal work-life balance
Do not be afraid to get a new job or start your own business
Don’t compare yourself to others
Don’t let it stress you out
Don’t let others determine success for you
Don’t stress about staying late
Don’t be afraid of change. Life is full of surprises and can bring unexpected opportunities along the way.
Don’t feel guilty about working more than 40 hours
Don’t forget to have fun!
Don’t get distracted by technology
Don’t let the fear of missing out hold you back from pursuing your dreams
Don’t let your job define your value as a person
Don’t make work your only priority in life
Don’t multitask
Don’t rely on one income
Don’t think you are invincible and get sick pay, have insurance when you may need it the most
Don’t try and prove anyone wrong
Don’t try to get ahead at the expense of your health
Easy Ways to Get Organized  (clutter-free home
Ensure you have the right tools to achieve your goals
Everyone needs help
Find a way to cope with stress
Find balance in everything you do
Find balance in your life
Find someone you can trust as a sounding board
Find your passion and enjoy it
Focus on one task at a time
Free up time for family events
Get a good nights sleep
Get moving
Have a hobby, eat healthy, sleep well and exercise regularly
Have a life outside work
Have fun while you
Have time management skills
I have to prioritize my activities
I should learn to say no
I shouldn’t feel guilty about working
If you ignore your work, it will often find you
If you want to work for yourself, you have to build your side business as if your life depends on it
Invest in your career
It’s not a competition between co-workers
It’s okay to make mistakes
It’s okay to let some things go
It’s possible to have a good work-life balance without overworking
Keep a gratitude journal
Keep a schedule
Know that growing up doesn’t happen overnight
Know that you can’t do it all
Learn to say no
Let go of the idea of perfection
Live an active lifestyle
Live within your means and save some money
Look at all aspects of your life
Make time for other things in your life
Make time for your health
Making time for yourself is productive
Mentor others while you mentor yourself
My job should not dictate my “fun” time
Networking events and conferences just aren’t worth it
Networking with the right people will open more doors and create more opportunities than any degree or entrepreneurship course ever will
Outsource and delegate tasks effectively
Pick a career you love
Plan a vacation at least once a year
Plan for the future
Plan your day ahead
Practice self-care at work
Practice yoga, meditation and relaxation exercises
Remember that work is just one part of you
Remember you are not your job/career
Save early and often
Saving and planning can help you build a much bigger emergency fund than you think possible
Set goals for yourself
Spend quality time with people you care about
Spend time on yourself by doing things that make you happy
Stay flexible and adaptable to change
Surround yourself with people who care about you
Surround yourself with people who support your goals
Take breaks
Take care of yourself
Take the time to enjoy life instead of watching it pass by
Talk openly about how you feel
Track hours
Treat yourself because you deserve it
Try routines to stay organized and focused
Understand your values and goals
We all have different priorities
What you want is ok
Women face more pressure
Work on getting more sleep and less stress
Work on improving your health
Work takes time, find ways to be efficient 8. Beware of ‘Free’ work 9. Life is work, work is life 10.Keep moving forward
You are different, embrace this difference
You can’t be great at everything
You do not need to max out on every opportunity
You have work-life balance, so use it
Your job isn’t your life

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Who did that?
What happened?
Where did it take place?
When did it take place?
Why did that happen?
How did it happen?

How far? 
How long? 
How much? 
How many?
How come?
Why not?
Why didn't?