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A good product is not enough
A good sales person is worth twice their salary
Accuracy is always more important than speed
Always split test everything
An object can look better in the eyes of a customer (this one worked when I used it)
Anything can be sold to anyone
Ask questions, lots of them!`’
Be a regular person when it comes to sales –
Be creative
Be generous with your time and attention
Be patient because it works!
Be prepared
Be prepared to learn from them
Before they were in sales, many were just like you and me
Build a good rapport with sales reps
Close even if it doesn’t make sense
Communicate the benefits of your solution to others
Customers do not remember the price
Customers will always remember your personality – not your sales talk
Develop an interest for others passions
Don’t assume because you did your homework, they did too
Don’t assume you know their motivations
Don’t be afraid to ask questions
Don’t become a friend
Don’t sell to anyone who doesn’t want to buy
Enjoy the experience!
Every sale is worth it no matter what
Everyone has the potential to be a star sales person, it’s just about being willing to put in the effort and know how to find your way
Frame objections as opportunities
From what you wear to how you talk, it’s all part of the job
Get on their schedule
Happy customers bring friends with them when they see your are doing your job well
Have fun with it!
How to overcome objections
If it’s not working, don’t keep doing it harder or faster
If you don’t believe in what you’re selling, I won’t either
If you take time to get to know one, they can be a huge asset in your business
In spite of how it looks, most sales people aren’t trying to sell you something
It all boils down to trust
It is their job to force you into a sale
It’s not a game
It’s not about you
It’s not always about the money
Know how to sell and be prepared to be rejected, a lot
Know their email client and password
Know when to say no (and mean it)
Knowing what your selling is more important than how much it costs
Learn to care about others needs
Learn to develop excellent people skills
Learn to spot manipulation and lies
Let results speak louder than words
Let them talk
Like them, trust them, before they can help you
Listen for objection cues
Listen more than you speak
Meet a lot of people and build good relationships
Million dollar contracts take
Never work for someone who treats their employees poorly
Run the customer around if you have too many
Sales is just as much about art as science
Sales people are always selling themselves before they sell you anything
Sales people are great listeners
Sales people are living the dream
Sales people are out for themselves, not you
Sales people are sexy
Sales people can be helpful allies
Sales people need to feel like you value their advice
Sales people want the same thing you want
Sales people will always have their own agenda
Secrets to Sales Success
Selling isn’t only about a product
Showcase the benefits, don’t bore with talk
Sometimes they have the best information
Sometimes we get lost on the path, sales bends with the wind
Stop selling it, start helping me understand it
The goal is just a number
There is no such thing as last sale syndrome (the sales won’t disappear if you don’t make one
There isn’t always a solution, sometimes just getting the customer happy again is enough
They are just like you
They are not all alike
They are passionate
They are passionate about their product or service
They care about their commission
They don’t like negativity or gossip
They get paid on commission
They have different agendas
They love you when they want your business
They make a ton of money
They need to sell, it’s not about the product
They need your help, sell without selling out
They respect people who show up
They show question and doubt
They usually don’t know much about the product or service they are selling
They will pull any trick in the book to get you to
They will say anything to get what they want from you
They will take time to warm up
They’re a necessary evil
They’re always willing to learn
They’re not all out to get you
Time is money
Top sales people have a high degree of energy
Treat sales people as human beings not numbers or bonuses
Treat them with respect
True honesty, even when it hurts
Understand what motivates them to act
Use new and different ways to get noticed
You are on stage!
You can practice when you aren’t selling
You cannot fix stupid (the customer)
You need to be passionate about your sales job
Your product makes you successful, not your personality
Your salesman is the best salesman in the world

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Who did that?
What happened?
Where did it take place?
When did it take place?
Why did that happen?
How did it happen?

How far? 
How long? 
How much? 
How many?
How come?
Why not?
Why didn't?