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Actions always speak louder than words
All people experience failure
Always look at the positive side of life and people
Be a friend to everyone
Be brave enough to dance with a stranger
Be curious about people and what makes them tick
Be kind at all costs
Be kind to everyone you meet
Be yourself, always
Celebrate your accomplishments
Celebrate your successes
Choose your friends carefully
Clothes are a reflection on you
Dig beneath the surface of a person’s exterior to identify their true identity
Don’t compare yourself to others
Don’t take life too seriously
Don’t act on your emotions, it can hurt people whom you didn’t mean to hurt  
Don’t expect people to go out of their way to help you
Don’t give the person pleasure by letting them know they hurt or upset you
Don’t hold grudges
Don’t judge people by how they look
Don’t live up to other peoples expectations of you
Don’t trust the gossip button
Each person has their own path
Emotions rule behaviour
Everyone feels hurt to different degrees
Everyone has a different background
Everyone has a story
Everyone has got something to teach you
Everyone is different
Everyone wants something from you
Everyone wants to be accepted
Everyone’s journey is unique
Face your fears, it’s not
Focusing on strengths brings out the best in each person
Get out there and meet people
Get to know your coworkers
Giving money away will change your life for the better
Have an open mind
Helping others is a good habit
Humility makes people approachable and likeable 
Hurt people hurt people and they always will so avoid them at all costs. Everything bad you’ve heard about them is probably true.
If someone is rude to you, ignore it
If someone says no, move on
If you ask for an apology, you’re only asking so you can feel better
Know when to take action
Learn from your mistakes and other peoples mistakes  
Learn to accept change and roll with it
Learn to figure people out based on their actions
Learn to say “no” often
Leave people better than you meet them
Let go of the past and stop worrying about what might have been
Let people know when they have hurt your feelings
Life experience determines how they react to something
Life is too short to hold a grudge against others or
Life is too short to worry about small things
Listen more and talk less
Make people feel great about themselves
Making me feel stupid is a great way to lose respect for someone fast
Many people are nice – act like it
Most people are good, but bad things happen when people move fast 10
No one is as good as everyone says
No one is born knowing who they are
Not all people are who they appear to be
Not everyone will be your friend, but some of them are
Not everyone will like you
Only trust sincere people
Open, honest communication is key between team members
Parents will always do their best to keep you
Pay attention to your gut instinct
People are attracted to authenticity
People are great
People are not offended by your questions, they are impressed you asked
People are not their behaviour
People are not who they say they are
People are self-absorbed until proven otherwise
People are social creatures
People aren’t always honest
People change for the better or worse with time.
People change, so acceptance may be the key 
People come into your life for a reason
People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care
People interact in different ways
People lie to get what they want
People love being around positive people
People make mistakes
People remember when you forget
People respect classic style
People want to believe you are a good person
People will love you, just how you are
People will treat you how you
People won’t always tell you what they think
Pride will destroy relationships
Putting yourself first sometimes is sensible
Real friends will stick with you through hard times
Some days you will get knocked down
Some people will hate you no matter what. Just shrug it off and move on with your life.
Some people will never change
Spend time with yourself!
Take care of your body – it’s the only one you got!
Teasing causes drama, avoid it
The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem
The only constant in life is change
Think of people as if they are made of glass, keep them safe
Treat your fellow people with respect
Unspoken words can say a lot
We all make mistakes
We all want success and love
We hate favoritism and gossip
When you are on your own, sometimes things go badly 🙁
Winning isn’t everything
You aren’t alone
You can do it alone if you have to
You can learn a lot from everyone
You can’t make everyone like you
You don’t have to say everything you think
You don’t have to take care of everyone who is
You should treat someone how you want to be treated
Your family is important
Your negative emotions are not other people’s problem

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Who did that?
What happened?
Where did it take place?
When did it take place?
Why did that happen?
How did it happen?

How far? 
How long? 
How much? 
How many?
How come?
Why not?
Why didn't?